Nourish series

I’m taking a wild stab there are two things not on your to-do list today: 1) be wildly miserable following Jesus 2) pray lame, ineffective prayers. Yeah, me neither.

It’s all my youth pastor’s fault. He read a George Mueller quote in church that whet my appetite to find out more.

George Mueller was a giant of the Christian faith noted for his powerfully effective prayers and orphanage work in England in the 1800s. Apparently, he never complained about anything – he prayed about everything and miraculous provision was often supplied just in the nick of time. Basically the kind of guy I can’t relate to AT ALL, but think I should probably learn from. Get this – in order for his prayers to be so effective, prayer was NOT George Mueller’s first priority!

How does that work?

Glad you asked! Join me and my guest authors to find out more!