Looking for a Speaker for Your Women’s Event?

Pearl Allard Christmas 2017 speaking event

You have my promise I’ll be on my knees before I ever stand before you. I am passionate about hearing God’s voice and sharing His truth with His children. God has given me a heart for encouraging, and I’m honored to serve in this way.

I’ve led Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) groups for seven years — both as a children’s leader and as a women’s discussion leader. I serve on my church’s worship team. I’ve spoken at baby showers and Christmas events at my church.

My beliefs align with my church’s “What We Believe” page. Here is the link: https://www.midwayministries.org/what-we-believe


“What a privilege it is to commend to you Pearl Allard as a speaker for your group or organization. Her speaking style is marked by creativity and thoughtfulness; a presentation that is characterized by both a dramatic flair and attention to detail. Pearl takes great care in her preparation and it shows in talks that will capture your attention and make you think. She is both imaginative and contemplative.”
~Mark Cowell, Lead Pastor of Midway Baptist Church

“Pearl has the heart of a servant! Pearl looks for ways to help encourage people as they walk through the journey of life. Pearl is a godly woman who has a heart for loving God’s children and uses the talents He has given her to inspire those around her. Pearl has a sincere testimony about the love and grace of our Lord and Savior.”
~Rischell Redman, Women’s Ministry Director of Midway Baptist Church


To view a short clip filmed on Compassion Sunday, please click below. If you’re interested in having me come speak, or would like more information, please contact me. Thank you!


From Identity Crisis to Identity Celebration
I know God says He loves me, but I’m not feeling it. Even Christian women doubt God’s love, but this wrestling match has higher stakes than we might realize. Since beloved is a believer’s identity, doubting this fact can too quickly turn into an identity crisis. From Romans 8, Pearl reveals how stuffy-sounding words are stuffed full of life-saving truth about our identity in Christ. Marinate in the truth that transforms identity crisis to identity celebration.

Look Up Sometimes
I need refreshing, I need a change, I need – something. Through Abraham’s story, Pearl shares how God-initiated “look up” encounters altered the life of Israel’s patriarch way back when and how they can change you right now. If you know you need, but don’t know what that something is, get ready to step into your own “look up” encounter with God!

When Is It Ever Enough?
I’m tired of being the good, Christian woman. No matter how many times I “take up my cross” and sacrifice my desires – it’s never enough. I’m not enough. From personal experience and thoughts from scripture, Pearl shares why “it is finished” is just the beginning of learning to enjoy grace. Trade perfectionism for a good soak in grace and dare to watch it transform you!

It’s Ok to Be Empty
Does the emptiness I feel mean I’ve done something wrong? I’m trying to seek God, but I feel dry and, well – just empty. With compassion, using Biblical examples and everyday objects, Pearl explains why it’s ok to be empty and how God fills our emptiness. From Sarah’s barren womb to Jesus’ empty tomb, God’s plan progresses exactly on schedule.