Why Look Up?

Dear Friend,

Rejection triggered the lie that God didn’t want me. So I threw myself into less commendable pursuits and lost my salvation…or so I thought. What would it take now to have that elusive relationship with God? Through a desperate process of trying unsuccessfully to earn back God’s favor, what took me years to figure out was that no one captures the cross; the cross captures us.

It doesn’t have to take years to find the joy of knowing God more intimately. “Ok, God, I’ll do things Your way,” was my entrance to the journey.

Fifteen years after starting that journey, my heart aches for those who hunger for God’s grace but don’t know how to reach it. Have you been rejected or hurt so badly you believe God isn’t interested in you? He is. Have you done things you’re so ashamed of, even though you knew better? His grace is for you, too. Do you feel oppressed going to great lengths to please God, but it’s never enough? His grace makes you enough.

Look Up Sometimes is a blog created for those who are hungering for God’s grace but need to know they have permission to accept it. From scripture, personal experiences, and occasional quotes from people way smarter than me, I aim to reveal not only a glimpse of God’s grace, but also the reasons why it’s ok and commanded! that we embrace it, daily. I’m no expert; I’ve simply experienced the joy of trading in spiritual anorexia for feasting on God’s accessible, amazing, fresh-daily grace. For sure, this is a journey, but I’m a lot healthier than I was.

I’m inviting you to come along and glimpse and embrace God’s beautiful provisions for us, together. Friendship with Jesus Christ really is possible!

Thank you for your patience as I strive to give you the best God has given me.

May you glimpse God’s grace, embrace it wholeheartedly, and run with it!

Looking up sometimes,


P.S. To read about the origin of the name “Look Up Sometimes,” click here.