Day 11 – What Goes Up, Goes Down First

Day 11 - Look Up for 31 Days series by Pearl Allard

Day 11 - Look Up for 31 Days series by Pearl Allard
If you are just joining me, welcome! You can find an explanation of this series here: Day 1 – Introduction.

[Isaac] went out to the field one evening to meditate, and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching. Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel… Genesis 24:63-64

Story: Genesis 24


Isaac is the second patriarch, and I should probably have something profound to observe about him. But I don’t.

What struck me was Rebekah. She was equal parts respectful and servant-hearted as she was adventurous and courageous.

One website I visited said that getting water for Abraham’s servants’ ten camels probably took at least three hours. Rebekah actively allowed this interruption to her day, without knowing the rewards. Abraham’s servant gave her a gold nose ring, gold bracelets, and more gifts at dinner that night.

Then Rebekah willingly traveled about 700 miles (according to the same website), or a month’s journey, on less than twenty-four hours’ notice! How had God prepared her for such obedience?

The text captures an action that perhaps typified her: Rebekah looked up – and then got down. The right response to looking up is getting down.

Did Rebekah realize she became part of Jesus’ family tree when she left everything behind and followed God to an unknown place, to marry an unknown man, and start an unknown future together?

What blessings do I deprive myself of when I fail to get down? From the throne of me to worship God rightfully. From my high horse to see someone else’s perspective. From the false humility of fear and self-deprecation to value myself rightly.

Humility positions me to receive God’s blessings. Whatever I think I’m giving up is actually an investment into God’s bigger, better, eternal plan for me.

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