Update, Feedback & Election

Look Up Sometimes (Pearl Allard)

Look Up for 31 Days series by Pearl AllardHello dear friends!

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the Look Up for 31 Days series.

First, I’m sorry if I left you hanging! The series obviously did not get completed in October, like I’d hoped. However, I don’t consider it a failure at all! The material has made me more excited about the topic than when I started!

I still fully intend to finish the series. My thought going forward was to post once or twice a week.

But even better, you tell me: what works for you?

Leave me a short note in the comments section telling how often you prefer to receive posts?

Knowing your preference will help me better serve you. If you prefer, you can also reach me by email: [email protected] It can be as simple as: 2x/week or 1x/week or whatever thoughts you’d like to share.

I count you a blessing and a treasure!

Looking up sometimes,

Look Up Sometimes (Pearl Allard)

P.S. As our country waits for election results, a beloved family member shared this song with me. We know the end of the story is that light wins over darkness. Whatever the middle looks like, let’s not forget the ending!


2 thoughts on “Update, Feedback & Election

  1. I have enjoyed your ’31’ posts but I haven’t always been able to keep up with reading as quickly as I’d like.

    Keep it up! God is doing great things through you!!!

    1. Riley, I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you. That’s kind of the thought I had too after talking with a few others. So for now — weekly posts. 🙂

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