God Only Gives – Tsunami of God’s Love

I swept crumbs from under the dinner table deep in thought. Three separate sources of words – a book, a phone conversation, and a question – collided, and I puzzled through the fragmented thoughts. Maybe Christ doesn’t want codependence so much as He wants co-laborers? But I don’t even know what that means. I’m all in, God! Even if it’s…

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(in)courage guest post Halfway to Bethlehem by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Halfway to Bethlehem – Guest Post on (in)courage

I’ve waited for THREE MONTHS to share this post with you today!!! I am SO EXCITED to share my guest post on (in)courage’s website with you!!! It’s a game-changing message of hope that pulled me through the second-lowest point of my life but continues to encourage me when times are good. It started as a Christmas gift idea gone disastrously…

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Familiar vs Wonder? What'll It Be? Order UP! by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Wonder vs Familiar – What’ll It Be? Order UP!

Stuff I thought I knew frontwards and backwards and eyes shut and upside down. But who cares what anyone knows? We want to EXPERIENCE it. I’m grateful that God is devoted to me even when I’m not fulfilling my duty to Him.

Struggling Through a Lack of Silence by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Struggling Through a Lack of Silence

Today I’m the black sheep in Five Minute Friday, a writing community that freewrites for five minutes on a prompt. No editing. (It’s a terrific launching point, but I’m a total rule-breaker! I freewrote for about twenty minutes and then edited.) Today’s prompt: Silence. In silence – that’s typically how I write. Not today. I’m sitting in a back booth…

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7 Reasons Not to Not Ask for Help by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

7 Reasons Not to NOT Ask for Help

When you’re not good at asking for help (ok, because I am not good at asking for help), sometimes my “question” comes out more like, “My basement sure is a disaster” when what I meant was “Could you find it somewhere in the deepest depths of your huge, benevolent heart to help a sister out and get me over this huge overwhelm of discouragement whenever I’m bombarded by the visual chaos in my basement?”

Tea Party Tidbits 11 - Need Refreshing by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Tea Party Tidbit #11 – Need Refreshing?

Have you heard of a flowering tea? I hadn’t. Apparently, it’s this hand-stitched piece of artwork from tea bags that expands in a pitcher of water. Think really fancy teabag. I love the description on Teavana’s website: Blooming tea, also known as Flowering tea are beautiful hand-tied tea balls that unfurl as the steep. When they bloom, each artisanal tea…

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