You Matter Even When…

You Matter Even When... by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes) photo by Johanna Froese Photography

Hello! I know it’s been a long while since you’ve heard from me. I have not given up writing, nor have I forgotten that we were exploring Philippians 4:8 together in an anxiety-buster series by considering each of the words (true, noble, pure, etc.). We will eventually finish the last two words (excellent and praiseworthy) in that series!

But today, I wanted to share a link to a three-part series I wrote called Necessary Ingredients. Everyone, regardless of age, needs to know they matter and make a difference – especially when other fellow humans don’t acknowledge this truth. Part 1 explores this truth and is being featured on Keys for Kids daily devotional TODAY!

Click here to read/listen:

Since it is a daily devotional, this link will always take you to the day’s featured story so you only have today to read/listen to Part 1! But hang on to this link because tomorrow you can click to read/listen to Part 2 and the next day for Part 3!

As Providence would have it, this mini 3-part series falls just before, on, and after a date that is near and dear to my heart – August 27: the date my husband entered this world and the date my brother entered Jesus’ presence. So it is especially meaningful to me, but I am praying that the message of these devotionals blesses your hearts and the hearts of any that you may be inclined to share it with.

You matter and you make a difference!

Looking up sometimes,


2 thoughts on “You Matter Even When…

  1. I smiled to see your message in my inbox. Hope this means you’re feeling better and have gotten this homeschooling ship sailing smoothly.

    Loved your words, Pearl, and love knowing they are impacting the lives of kids Growing up in this dark world.

    You’re in my prayers.

    1. Debbie! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so sorry for the most belated response to a comment ever! I just spent two hours getting some technical difficulties on my site fixed up and found your lovely comment waiting here. Somehow I haven’t seen it until now! I had some technical difficulties before, also, and am wondering if I lost the function that emails me a notice whenever there is a new comment. 🙁 Hopefully you receive this comment! Thanks again for your kind words, friend.

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