(in)courage guest post Halfway to Bethlehem by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Halfway to Bethlehem – Guest Post on (in)courage

I’ve waited for THREE MONTHS to share this post with you today!!! I am SO EXCITED to share my guest post on (in)courage’s website with you!!! It’s a game-changing message of hope that pulled me through the second-lowest point of my life but continues to encourage me when times are good. It started as a Christmas gift idea gone disastrously…

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Discover How to Make Distraction Work for You by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Discover How to Make Distraction Work for You

This post was inspired by Five Minute Friday’s prompt: Discover. Two rules: 1) Freewrite for five minutes 2) Don’t edit. (I broke all the rules.) Maybe this isn’t you – you don’t suffer from distractions. You’re ultra-focused and a productivity maniac. If you are, I’m totally jealous, but I’m also totally willing to learn from you. Would you be willing…

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19 Benefits of Being a Son-Follower by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

19 Benefits of Being a Son-Follower

There are plenty of things I’m not. It does me a world of good to remember what I am. Who I am. Whose I am. It’s been a week of remembering, forgetting, and remembering again. I wish I knew who to thank for the compiled scriptures. I’ve had this awhile and recently stumbled across it. I streamlined the list to fit…

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Hope That Doesn't Give Up (Even When We Have) by Pearl Allard - Look Up Sometimes

Hope That Doesn’t Give Up (Even When We Do)

My four-year-old daughter colored several papers and attempted to staple them. Her six-year-old brother observed. “I have to push with all my weight when I use the stapler,” he said, validating her struggle. Suddenly, she stood up, chair scraping, launched her project in the trash can, and stormed to her room. “I’m right here if you want –,” <cue slamming…

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The Best Plan - Look Up Sometimes

The Best Plan

I enjoy weeding. Our yard may not always reflect this, but there is something rewarding about observing change the instant I affect it. I’ve noticed something that disturbs me though. Since I don’t have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to planting, I revert to weeding. This wouldn’t be a problem except the yard we had at the…

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When We Fail – Live in Onward

When we get stuck. When we fall and fail. When we slip and our sword slices the person we love, instead of the true enemy. We need to know to our core that our identity is neither in our victories nor our failures. Rather, it is enmeshed in the person of Jesus Christ and His unable-to-be-undone victory. There’s nothing quite…

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