Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?

8 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?”

  1. You struggle with facial hair too? Oh how I empathize! I look like an adolescent boy with a 5 o’clock shadow if I don’t keep up on mine. It’s always nice when you have friends and family who understand. Tweezers are my weapon of choice, though. Every time I use a razor I regret it!

    1. Keeps me humble. 😉 Definitely nice when someone else understands! Thanks for contributing to the conversation, Melissa. You’re an encouragement. Hugs!

  2. Atta’ girl, let your wild side out. Ditch the razor. When you’re in nature, just be natural. There’s a certain power in that, owning ourselves with all of our flaws. Because you know what? You’re beautiful, no matter what. We all are.

    Nice post.

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