Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?

Tea Party Tidbits 4 - Need Stability by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Dear Friend,

Who doesn’t need stability when health declines, loved ones die, or you just forget your razor on a camping trip? Right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a life-threatening issue for me to realize I have issues.

I forgot my razor on a four-day camping trip with friends over the fourth of July weekend. It introduced a new side of me – the bearded Hairy Helga. (You know you have true friends when they pretend not to notice.) I realized I had the choice to freak out and curse my German heritage or remember my identity is secured on something far more stable than looks or hair growth.

I survived just fine and made precious memories with dear friends and my family while I was at it.

I could share more serious examples, but the petty forgotten razor makes the point just as well: anything changeable is not a good choice on which to stake my security, or identity. Conversely, staking myself on the Solid Rock – God himself – is the smartest choice I can make. As the old hymn goes, all other ground is sinking sand. Practicing remembering this in the million ordinary moments of life fortifies me for the inevitable serious matters.

Need stability? Me too. Death and taxes may be guaranteed, but neither option appeals. I’ll chance my life’s security on the unchanging mighty rock, the always applicable God, ever present, all-powerful, definition of love, who invites us to pour out our hearts to Him and promises us refuge.

Tea Party Tidbits 4 - Need Stability by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

8 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?

  1. You struggle with facial hair too? Oh how I empathize! I look like an adolescent boy with a 5 o’clock shadow if I don’t keep up on mine. It’s always nice when you have friends and family who understand. Tweezers are my weapon of choice, though. Every time I use a razor I regret it!

  2. Atta’ girl, let your wild side out. Ditch the razor. When you’re in nature, just be natural. There’s a certain power in that, owning ourselves with all of our flaws. Because you know what? You’re beautiful, no matter what. We all are.

    Nice post.

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