Tea Party Tidbits #2 – Feeling Unloved?

Tea Party Tidbits 2 - Doubting His Love by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Dear Friend,

You did everything you were supposed to and it still didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. Maybe not even close. Maybe abysmally far from what you’d prayed for. And then – test time – do you still believe God loves you?

Of course I do. How preposterous to ask such a stupid question! But since God obviously forgot that I care deeply about (fill-in-the-blank), He must have also overlooked my heart that is now splitting in exactly 428 pieces — so I won’t take the time to pray today. Why bother Him? He’s too busy ignoring my first thousand prayers for (fill-in-the-blank).

Yeah, and while I’m not at it, I’ll just skip reading anything that remotely has to do with the Bible. Why bother? He obviously doesn’t care about what I care about, so why should I care about what He cares about? You dare to tell me I don’t know what’s best for (fill-in-the-blank)? Then I’ve got no use for you, either! In fact, I’ve got no use for anyone who’s a heartless know-it-all!

So maybe our thoughts don’t exactly go down those paths… <ahem>

From personal experience, I know that when I doubt God’s love, it’s prelude to a disaster and leaves me vulnerable to doing all sorts of stupid things. (Only speaking for myself here!) And because the truth that God loves me is vital to experience daily, this next tidbit focuses on exactly that. Because the small tests are hard enough, but the bigger ones?

I read this verse in probably ten different versions and just marinated awhile in the truth that all the action words in the verse are things God will do. They’re not things He’s asking of me. He is with me. He’s powerful and saves. He takes delight in me, but not just delight – GREAT delight. And He rejoices over me with singing. Other versions said loud shouts or celebrate over you. Conjures the idea of victory.

My prayer for us today is that, in the midst of whatever small or big tests He may be allowing in our lives, we will be quieted by His love and reassured that He is with us, will save us, takes great delight in us, and rejoices over us with singing.

Keep looking up!

Tea Party Tidbits 2 - Doubting His Love by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

4 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #2 – Feeling Unloved?

  1. Oh, Pearl, thank you for your honesty. Most of us (speaking for myself here) have been down that road and paid painful consequences before humbling ourselves and repenting.

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