Why It’s Ok if “There’s a Hole in Your Bucket,” Dear Friend

16 thoughts on “Why It’s Ok if “There’s a Hole in Your Bucket,” Dear Friend”

    1. I love how God gives us what we need right when we need it! It makes my day that I got to be part of that for you, Melissa! Praying that His “Niagara Falls” of love continues to pour abundantly into your heart and its beautiful roar drowns out the world’s lies.

    1. Hi Debbie! I’m thrilled to be part of a blessing God gave you! (Kinda like when kids help a grown-up make cookies; the kids are all happy and proud, but you know who REALLY did all the work. 😉 )Thanking God for the gift of you today!

    1. Hi Ida! I’m so glad it was an encouragement! (And the only timeline to worry about is daily embracing grace.?) May God strengthen you and bless you, sister. Hugs!

  1. Perhaps those holes aren’t so bad if they bring us under the torrent of God’s love. When we know we are leaky vessels it keeps us staying that much closer to The Source of everything we need. If those holes spill back out the grace and love of God on those around us, that’s a good thing too. Those holes can be a conductor of ministry when we let God pour through us. Instead of just being empty, we can water others as we immerse ourselves in Him, right?

    I’m sure your words will bless many, as they have me. Thank you Pearl. (You really are a pearl:)

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