When Is It Ever Enough?

18 thoughts on “When Is It Ever Enough?”

  1. Pearl, I’m a recovering perfectionist and knowing that my gifts given for God’s glory will never be wasted…just a balm. Thank you, thank you for this post.

  2. Oh, Pearl, thank you for refusing to give up on this piece. It contains such an important and timely message for today’s Christians. I know I struggle to give myself permission to say, “I’ve done all I can do. That is enough.”

    In particular, I liked your statement: One person cannot be a choir.

    So true!

  3. Oh perfectionism, how well I know this foe. I read somewhere, if you’re a perfectionist, aim to do a C, because your C is most people’s A+.

    Beautiful post. Thanks for writing it!

  4. “Singing for Jesus is what makes a song beautiful.” Love it, Pearl. Will be singing my song for Jesus today — and for me my “singing” includes homeschooling my kiddo and seeing my hubby off to the train station.

  5. Thank you Pearl, sometimes I feel like I am going in circles and there is no one to help me stop. Thank you for again reminding me that God knows my heart, that what I do for him, is always enough 🙂 God knows when we need that pep talk and sends us friends, family, church and strangers sometimes to show us he knows 🙂 Thank you for listening to him so that sometimes you can help us to listen a little closer!

    1. Polly, I understand that circle business. Not a fun place to be. I’m grateful with you for those He places in our path to help us break out of that cycle and move forward together! So glad God encouraged you through this post! Hugs!

  6. This is just the post I needed to read. I’m sorry about all those others that didn’t turn out – I’ve had something similar happen myself-but I’m also grateful God led you to write this one. As a perfectionist, too, I also took an elementary school teacher’s frustration with my class personally once, and I still have trouble saying, “I did what I was called to do and that is enough.” Thanks for the reminder that it is not about perfection or trying to be the whole choir.

    1. Emily, your words are like a heart hug! Your posts have been an encouragement to me (http://www.emilyconradauthor.com); it’s an honor to encourage in return! But I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with a similar situation. It’s not easy to hear quiet truth and keep it close. As to the round-filed posts, you are so sweet to even mention them! But why should it be easy? God knew the struggle I needed so I’d be reminded it’s always, ever, only Him. His grace, his love, his truth freeing me from myself.

  7. Oh, this says it all. Thank you so much for hitting “Publish!” I needed this.

    “The world constantly screams, ‘Sing louder!’ But screaming doesn’t make the song beautiful. Singing for Jesus is what makes the song beautiful.” Amen!

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