God Only Gives – Tsunami of God’s Love

I swept crumbs from under the dinner table deep in thought. Three separate sources of words – a book, a phone conversation, and a question – collided, and I puzzled through the fragmented thoughts. Maybe Christ doesn’t want codependence so much as He wants co-laborers? But I don’t even know what that means. I’m all in, God! Even if it’s…

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Tea Party Tidbits #12 - I'll Raise My Teacup to That!

Tea Party Tidbits #12 – I’ll Raise My Teacup to That!

Hello Friend! I apologize for the delayed post! I am on vacation in the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest enjoying time with family. Vacation wasn’t supposed to have delayed the post, but forgetting my laptop when we drove to the coast for a few days apparently did. Alas. Vacation has been a lovely adventure, but no adventure is complete…

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Happy (or Not-So-Much) Mother's Day by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Happy (or Not-So-Much) Mother’s Day

I want to be happy on Mother’s Day, but I also want to be sensitive. So many raw territories to navigate: the first Mother’s Day without your mom, or feeling around the edges of the fissure that was left years ago by her death, Alzheimer’s, rejection, abuse, neglect, or serious strain. Mother’s Day when you have a wayward child, a…

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When Things Don't Go as Planned - Pearl Allard - Look Up Sometimes

When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Ziploc of ice slung over my propped ankle, I reflected over the incident. Frankly, I found it maddening I didn’t even have a good story to tell. The moles went to town next to the backyard steps, and the past winter hardened the earth into ridges. I’d walked these steps dozens of times this summer without pain. Not this time.…

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