When You’re Desperate for Just One Drop

This story still moves me. I discovered the thoughts in an old journal, but I pray God uses it to breathe fresh hope. I’m getting just barely enough to survive. Drops of grace. Just when I think I can’t hardly take it, along comes one encouragement. But it’s just ONE. But at least it’s one. Read More

Happy (or Not-So-Much) Mother’s Day

I want to be happy on Mother’s Day, but I also want to be sensitive. So many raw territories to navigate: the first Mother’s Day without your mom, or feeling around the edges of the fissure that was left years ago by her death, Alzheimer’s, rejection, abuse, neglect, or serious strain. Mother’s Day when you Read More

When You Want to Give Up

Dear Friend, Wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, may the nearness of God’s presence and His immense love for you soak deep. If you’re on the brink of giving up on something (or someone), may He bring comfort and clarity and infuse you with the strength to persist past your own limitations. Join me Read More

Calling All Quitters! Today’s Your Day!

Calling All Quitters! Today’s Your Day! This was the subject heading of an email I received. I did a double take before realizing I misread it. (Must’ve needed another cup of coffee that morning.) It actually said “calling all QUILTERS” and was advertising a sale at a well-known fabric store. That one letter L makes Read More

How to Deal with Paralyzing Fears

Fear ensures I am a constant work in progress. I’d rather be a looker upper than a fixer upper, but I’m afraid I’m both. (Like how I used “afraid” there? You can groan now.) I haven’t trusted God perfectly, but thankfully, that qualifies me to be a recipient of perfect grace. I’m so grateful Jesus Read More

For the Days I Forget

There are plenty of things I’m not. It does me a world of good to remember what I am. Who I am. Whose I am. It’s been a week of remembering, forgetting, and remembering again. I wish I knew who to thank for the compiled scriptures. I’ve had this awhile and recently stumbled across it. I Read More