Why Dusting is Overrated – The Happy Geranium

7 thoughts on “Why Dusting is Overrated – The Happy Geranium”

  1. My cat jumped up on the bed earlier this week with dust all over his face and neck. All I could say was where have you been that I can’t get to with the dust rag — LOL.
    House cleaning has become a lot less important since I’ve had to deal with chronic illness. I can either use the limited energy I have to clean the house or enjoy life. In the next life there is no dust, no dirt and I won’t be judged on how clean or dirty my house is so I choose to enjoy life and live it as abundantly as each individual day will allow. I still try to have a neat and clean house (environment has always been important to me) but it’s not as critical to me as it used to be. So, friends, family…bring your white gloves when you come visit and be prepared to find a little something something…

    1. HisDaughter, I’m nodding in agreement and appreciating your struggle to allocate limited energy. I love how you’ve prioritized and haven’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you can. And still having guests over, on top of all that! Way to mentor the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Lol! Put a big smile on my face. You’ve more ambition than I, Debbie. I usually let dust have the run of our house. The battle is hopeless here. That does remind me, there are some curtains that need taking down. They’d collected a few bugs last I looked at them.

    1. Melissa, you crack me up! I think the stages of life factors in, too. Expectations for when kiddos are around are different, I think. I appreciated Rebekah said something in her YouTube video on the Power of Women that for a season of life sometimes we have to accept that God hasn’t give us beauty (in the form of our choosing) because maybe our task is different (ie – to love on the kids He’s given) and it looks messy for a time. I’m totally paraphrasing and adding to what she said, but that touched me where I needed it! Now, if only we could train our kids to dust… 😉

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