When You Feel More Like Roadkill than Alive in Christ

6 thoughts on “When You Feel More Like Roadkill than Alive in Christ”

  1. Very well put! I’m so glad there are so many transparent Christians here. We don’t have to put on our cover up makeup and pretend.

  2. Pearl, I’m so glad I came across your blog through the writing guild both of us belong to!

    I love your website, your writing style, and your encouraging words to those of us who, like you, are blessed to be Christ’s beloved! Thanks for reminding me to look up sometimes!

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  3. Well written. Yeah…I can sooo relate to feeling like roadkill sometimes. Actually, quite often. But that just means I give Jesus a lot to work with, right? More glory when he resurrects the roadkill. You made me laugh and think. You reminded me to add a couple things to my to-do list tonight. I told a friend earlier today that I needed to cry, eat chocolate, and go to bed. I think I will also look up, and have some face time with Jesus. 🙂

    1. Dear sweet sister, grateful for you and sending a hug. Praying your face time gives comfort that soaks deep and validates your incredible worth. Wish we could “break chocolate” together! 😉

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