The Cookies & Canvas Approach to Comparison

12 thoughts on “The Cookies & Canvas Approach to Comparison”

  1. Had to share this one. I hope you don’t mind…this post struck me. You’ve done it again. So gifted.

  2. Cookies and canvas sounds like such a fun thing to do. My kiddos are all artsy and I wish we had one those here … might be fun to organize this summer. I just need to find an art instructor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    With each passing year, I realize how true this message is — the gift of our uniqueness and the joy that comes in embracing who God created us to be.

    Thanks for sharing, Pearl.

  3. Love your writing, Pearl. Love your message. I’ve wanted to do one of those classes, we have them here. I figured the fast pace would force me to finish a piece without micromanaging it. But I might need to wear blinders, so I don’t start comparing my attempt with those around me!;) I am seriously considering doing a painting blindfolded, so I can stay out of my way! God, deliver me from comparing and perfectionism! You know that list I had to compile of future blog posts? One of the titles is, “Be Wary of Comparing.” What if I just took my husband’s advice and just pleased God? Now there’s some security! What if I just looked at Jesus and the task He has set before me?

    1. Rachael, I just love your heart. We’re in this together, sister! Love the idea of painting blindfolded! That would be fun to read about. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs!

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