Tea Party Tidbits #1 – Feeling Weary?

Tea Party Tidbits ~ Summer Series 1 by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the summer series Tea Party Tidbits. A small morsel for the soul – a verse or a quote – in a fun graphic. (Is it making you hungry, too? Chocolate-covered strawberries and tea, anyone?) Seriously, I wish we could sit down and enjoy the real thing together.

I read a fabulous phrase on (in)courage.com the other day – “intentional time for unintentional conversation.” Specifically and intentionally carving out space with someone for conversation that is not premeditated. Allowing for spontaneous heart-to-heart if it happens. No expectations. Just breathing and doing a bit of life together. Connecting.

I am asking God to gift you with this connection with Him and with your loved ones. That He’d renew your strength, cause you to soar through the storms you’re in, and sustain your walk through this life.

Keep looking up!Tea Party Tidbits - Feeling Weary by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

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