4 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #5 – Feel Like Quitting?

  1. Talk about a mingling of shared sentiment! Bryan’s loss this year brought it all home for me again, but in the past I’ve drifted in a similar state to yours each time I thought about my grandparents and their untimely demises due to cancer. It’s so very hard to think of our dear loved ones whom we feel we can never share with anyone again because they didn’t know that loved one like we did.

    Well, I’m here to tell ya that if you ever need to talk about your brother, or share a fond memory for healing’s sake, I’m always a willing ear. I love to hear of others stories, and stories about departed loved ones are often the best and most heartfelt. In our human nature, we often feel no one wants to know. But that’s not true. There are those out there who do care, and want to help you through the heavy times.

    Thanks for sharing this, Pearl! Glad I was finally able to get around to reading it!

    1. Melissa, your family has gone through a lot. I appreciated your tribute to Bryan that you posted on your site (https://mnstroh.com/2018/07/16/tribute-to-bryan/). I just reread it again and am wiping tears about him singing again in heaven…and the glimpse of sun at his burial while you sang… I imagine your family wasvery blessed that you were able to articulate and capture some of Bryan for them.

      Your friendship is such a gift, Melissa. YOU are such a gift. Encouraging out of your pain…thank you so much for your sensitivity and your kindness. Thank you for the offer to share stories when the need arises. That totally goes two-ways! Hugs!

  2. Oh, Pearl, this made me cry. I’m so sorry about your deep loss. Your words rang true with me as I continue to grieve the loss of my mother nine months ago.

    Grieving people are not looking for profound words from their friends. Sometimes, the fewer the words the more profound the comfort. One friend simply let me sit with her in her car one night and cry for as long as I needed to cry. That non-speaking friend spoke volumes to me.

    1. Debbie, I am SO SORRY it took this long to respond! I am just now finding comments I somehow have never seen! 🙁

      Your comment is so true – we just need someone to bear our pain with us and not try to fix it, since they can’t anyway. I am so sorry for your deep loss, also, Debbie. Your mother must have been an amazing woman. So grateful you had a loving friend who let you cry.

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