Tea Party Tidbits #13 – The Benefit of Boundaries & An Offer Just for You!

Tea Party Tidbit #13 - The Benefit of Boundaries and An Offer for You by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Happy Weekend Friend!

I have two things to share with you today: 1) A thought about the benefit of boundaries and 2) An offer exclusive to my subscribers! (If you’ve come from Instagram or another source, you can subscribe here: http://lookupsometimes.com/follow/ )


I read a devotional today by Sarah Young in her book Dear Jesus and I have to share it with you. She uses the phrase “look up” three times! I am so on board with this message. Especially since I’ve had the opportunity to try it lately. I can’t say I responded perfectly, but I’ll never pass up prayer if you feel so led!

Sarah Young starts with, “Limitations can be liberating, when your strongest desire is living close to Me.” I won’t quote the entire thing but will give you enough of a chunk that you can savor it with me (all caps are mine):

Your limitations actually provide a solid structure within which you can make choices about your life. Significantly, as you say yes to the boundaries I have placed around you, you can LOOK UP and see Me smiling upon you. You realize that up is the only direction where you face no limitations. What’s more, you recognize that this is the most important dimension of your life.

Sometimes you feel cramped because you can’t go very far to the right of the left, forward or backward, without bumping against a boundary. At such times you face an important choice: You can give into feelings of frustration and self-pity, or you can LOOK UP to Me for help. If you choose Me, your limitations will give you wings. You can use those wings to soar heavenward, closer to Me. When you return to ground level and your boundaries surround you again, you can LOOK UP to Me anytime. Bask in the Light of My smile, enjoying the easy intimacy of our relationship. Limitations can indeed be liberating, when your utmost desire is to live ever-so-near Me.

I love how Sarah and I both use the word “bask” to absorb His light. (I speak as if I knew her – I wish!)

If it’s sunny near you today and you’re able, consider literally turning your face to the sun and basking in its light. Then remember no matter what the climate is like – outside or otherwise – we can always bask in the Sonshine and grow towards the Light.


Emily Conrad is an author friend in Wisconsin I met online (http://emilyconradauthor.com/), and recently she offered to snail mail bible verses to her blog subscribers. I received mine about a week ago. It was a bright spot amidst the junk mail and bills.

That sparked the idea to offer you a personalized prayer. Written from me, to God, for you. And sent via email or snail mail – your preference. You would be helping me stay accountable to keep praying regularly for you by writing it out and sending it to you, and hopefully you will be blessed and maybe we’d even celebrate answers to prayer together!

Does that appeal? If so, just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Email pearl@lookupsometimes.com with the subject heading PRAYER.
  2. Include your name.
  3. Type your email or snail mail address – whichever you prefer.

That’s it!

I will send everyone who responds a note via email or snail mail, whichever you prefer, with a prayer written just for you. Sometimes it’s nice to know that when someone says “I’m praying for you,” they actually mean it. There is no time limit to this (just a limit of one per subscriber), so any time is a good time to respond!

(If you’d like to become a subscriber, head on over here: http://lookupsometimes.com/follow/)

Note on Privacy: I take privacy seriously. I retain an email for subscribers in my database for weekly blog posts, but out of respect for you I will never use it for any purpose other than that specified without your permission. I will not share or sell your information, nor will I retain a copy of any address other than the email already on file. Any information you supply will be deleted or shredded, and the only future mailings you receive will be the usual weekly posts.

Hope to hear from you, and keep looking up!

Tea Party Tidbit #13 - Look Up Sometimes by Pearl Allard

6 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #13 – The Benefit of Boundaries & An Offer Just for You!

  1. Enjoy Eugenia Price. Years ago she also wrote stories for Unshackled on Christian Radio. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on that she’s written. The first book of hers that I read was “Beloved Invader” which although a work of fiction gave me a new and life changing perspective on my relationship with Christ. Blessings to you.

  2. Pearl,
    Thank you for your post. I’ve recently (within the last 7 yrs) been given many physical limitations. Your post was very encouraging to me and plan to get Sarah Young’s Dear Jesus. I have her book Jesus Calling. If you are a reader (not many of us left these days) you may enjoy the following books by Eugenia Price which reflect a lot on looking up. They are works of fiction based on the lives of real people.

    Bright Captivity
    Where Shadows Go
    Beauty From Ashes

    Her other books are very good as well. Some of them are out of print but usually easy to find on Amazon.

    1. HisDaughter, thank you for your book recommendations! I love reading and am putting those titles on my to-read list right now.

      You are probably familiar with Sarah Young’s story and her physical limitations – I find her writing even more touching because of it.

      The way you worded “given” your limitations just skyrockets my respect for you. You have an amazing perspective. God’s gifts are well-disguised within the pain sometimes, aren’t they? Definitely praying for you as you soldier through and within your limitations. Hugs!

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