Tea Party Tidbits #12 – I’ll Raise My Teacup to That!

Tea Party Tidbits #12 - I'll Raise My Teacup to That!

Hello Friend!

I apologize for the delayed post! I am on vacation in the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest enjoying time with family. Vacation wasn’t supposed to have delayed the post, but forgetting my laptop when we drove to the coast for a few days apparently did.


Vacation has been a lovely adventure, but no adventure is complete without challenges, right? The good and the hard coupled.

One example.

The Good:
Three days ago, my knight in almost-perfectly-shining armor turned 40 years old. The amazing man has put up with me for 14 of them. Since my husband married a MUCH younger wife, I figured my time is coming…

I chose the mini orange caution cones with “Caution: Life Starts at 40” over either of the inflatable walkers. And instead of the black headband with a tiny top hat perched on top with black crow feathers and gaudy baubles, I found a t-shirt that declares “I Make 40 Look Good.” I didn’t even share his photo with anyone except his mom!

See? I was kind. (Y’all are my witnesses.)

The Hard:
Three days ago was also the sixth year anniversary my little brother spent in the arms of Jesus. (Actually, he was never the sitting around type. I’m sure he did something wild and crazy-wonderful.) You know, if you’ve lost a loved one, the anniversaries can be a challenge. Who can plan their emotions?

Strangely, it was the first year since John died I did not feel the raw pangs of sorrow. There was only joy in the remembering. It’s a bittersweet life though, isn’t it?

If your life right now falls into the bitter side where no good seems visible, my heart and prayers go out to you. I hurt for you, and I’m asking comfort comes quickly in a way that is personally meaningful.

If your life is presently sweet – yay! I’m celebrating with you and praying you feel permission to hang onto that joy and keep a light heart even while you overflow with compassion.

Through the inevitable, the yet-to-be-revealed, the hard, the precious, the amazing, and everything in between may we be given glimpses of His love for us. And may we not hesitate to take on the responsibility to share that love with each other as we’re able, even if it’s simply giving a hug or sharing a genuine conversation.

Dear friend, you are a uniquely beautiful expression of our Maker’s creativity. To you and to Him – a toast!
Tea Party Tidbits #12 - I'll Raise My Teacup to That!

4 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbits #12 – I’ll Raise My Teacup to That!

  1. I like how you mention your husband as the almost or mostly. I cried silently when you mentioned your brother…so thankful the pain isn’t raw now. Love you, Pearl!

    1. Awwww, Ma. *happy and sad tears* Your son is nearly perfect. 😉 You know the pain of losing a brother, too. Hoping your pain is less raw, also. Your support – through life, love, loss, writing – means so much to me. Couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-love. 🙂

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