Tea Party Tidbit #11 – Need Refreshing?

Tea Party Tidbits 11 - Need Refreshing by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Have you heard of a flowering tea? I hadn’t. Apparently, it’s this hand-stitched piece of artwork from tea bags that expands in a pitcher of water. Think really fancy teabag. I love the description on Teavana’s website:

Blooming tea, also known as Flowering tea are beautiful hand-tied tea balls that unfurl as the steep. When they bloom, each artisanal tea ball has a crown of flowers on the top and it’s a unique experience to watch. Ingredients consist of white tea, marigold blossoms and a fruit flavor such as pineapple or peach. The blooming tea balls are scented as well, so the fragrance is fantastic, along with it being a delicious beverage to drink.

I have never sampled a flowering tea. But when I ran the idea for this Tea Party Tidbits series past my photographer, Johanna Froese, she got all excited and set up special shoots for each of the photos – including today’s photo of a flowering tea. I know, right?! She’s nothing short of amazing.

In fact, I just have to sing my photographer’s praise for a paragraph. Johanna Froese was recently featured in the August edition of a student magazine called SLR Photography Guide on pages 20-29. Read here (it is absolutely worth the read and you’ll get a taste of her talent): http://www.slrphotographyguide.com/student-magazine-august-edition-2017/. To view her beauty-filled photos check out her photography site here: https://johanna-froese.pixels.com/ And if you love her photos, be sure to like her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/johannafroesephotography/

Oh yeah, did I mention she’s my mom? Mother-daughter teams are kinda way refreshing.

Which leads me back to the tidbit. You don’t need to know any photographers to be refreshed or take part of the refreshing process. All you need to do is figure out one thing you can do, even if not all that well, and use it to meet someone’s need. One small thing done in a timely manner is so much better than a great intention tripped up before it’s executed.

When you find yourself in hot water, do you flower into an amazing conversation piece that refreshes others? May we be given the strength and love to honor others’ needs in faith that God will meet ours out of His unending supply of resources. Keep looking up!Tea Party Tidbits 11 - Need Refreshing by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)


11 thoughts on “Tea Party Tidbit #11 – Need Refreshing?

  1. Pearl, I love finding bits of beauty and bits of inspiration. You’ve wrapped them both up in one and presented them in this post. Thank-you for this little blessing!

    1. Maureen, I will make sure to pass along the compliment. I love that photo you mentioned, as well! And thank you for your sweet comment. Maybe we can share a cup of tea, even if not a blooming one, at the Breathe writers conference coming up! Are you planning to attend?

  2. Okay, you made your mama cry. Happy humbled heart kind of tears. Walking this road side by side, heart to heart, I would do anything for you. I love you Pearl πŸ’

    1. Mama, we’ve talked since you’ve commented, but I just want to say again that of all moms I could have been given – you’re the bestest! πŸ™‚ I love you, too. Honored to share your photo artwork and walk this journey together.

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