Tea Party Tidbit #10 – Feeling Depressed?

Tea Party Tidbits 10 - Feeling Depressed by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Not many words to share with you, friend. Just really needing this verse and thinking that I might not be the only one. Sometimes we know why we feel unsettled, and sometimes we don’t. But the war that wages in the unseen surely takes advantage of our weak moments.

This is rather off topic, but then again, it’s not: we never fight against each other – Satan would love for us to fall for that lie. God loves every single human being and Satan hates our guts because we are so extremely loved. Getting us to fight each other and self-sabotage is Satan’s revenge on God.

But we know how this story ends.

In the wake of events in our country and in the wake of whatever personal challenges you may be facing, I’m reminded that we can’t really love until we’ve received love. It has to start somewhere. We love ‘cuz He loved us first. So incredibly much that He chose all kinds of pain to show it in ways we’d understand.

Therefore, may God remind you how EXTREMELY loved you are. And may we, in turn, bask in that Sonshine and grow towards the Light – being a little more loving to our fellow humanity and, heck, even the persons we call family and neighbors.

You are a gift to me, friend. Looking up with you.

Tea Party Tidbits 10 - Feeling Depressed by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)


Forgive me if I’ve shared this song with you before. It’s one of my favorites! (Even if it’s not your favorite flavor, I pray the truth it shares blesses you.)

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