Take It All Off My Shoulders (guest post for Author Shannon Popkins)

Take It All Off My Shoulders by Pearl Allard (Guest Post on Shannon Popkin's website)

“Don’t be afraid. God is for you. Nothing is impossible with Him.” Shannon Popkin made those three points in her speaking engagement at my church a couple years ago, and they’ve stuck with me all this time.

That was the first time I met Shannon. That’s how she is – memorable. I sense God’s Spirit in her words, spoken and written. A beyond normal impact. She is encouraging, funny, and real. So when she wrote a book called Control Girl, I was happy to help spread the word. (You can read my review here.)

Here’s a snippet from Shannon’s website:

For  years, I failed to see that I had any control issues at all. I thought of myself as invested. Concerned. Just trying to help. I only took matters into my own hands because I cared so much! The last word I would have chosen to describe myself was “controlling”. Besides, nobody told me outright that I was controlling–not even my husband. Yet, there were signs….Anger, anxiety, fear, perfectionism… They were all erupting from a heart that craved control.Does this sound like you? If so, don’t despair. I have good news for you AND I have tools to help.

In an ironic encounter with my own control issues, I got to hear Shannon speak about her book before I read it. Just recently I shared the story with Shannon, and she is featuring it on her website today!

Please join me by clicking the photo below!

Control Girl by Shannon Popkin

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