Familiar vs Wonder? What'll It Be? Order UP! by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Wonder vs Familiar – What’ll It Be? Order UP!

Stuff I thought I knew frontwards and backwards and eyes shut and upside down. But who cares what anyone knows? We want to EXPERIENCE it. I’m grateful that God is devoted to me even when I’m not fulfilling my duty to Him.

Day 27 - The Solid Rock Invites a Stone Toss by Pearl Allard (Look Up for 31 Days series)

Day 27 – The Solid Rock Invites a Stone Toss

The pastor bent down, straightened, and emerged behind the pulpit holding a two-by-four that extended about six feet in front of him! He held it to his eye while he quoted Matthew 7:5. Startled laughter, including my own, rippled through the pews. I relaxed slightly, despite myself. But when I heard him pause, I felt sick. Here it comes…