Yeah Whatever series by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Yeah, Whatever – #1 True Dat

Ok, “true dat” isn’t exaaaactly how I’d say it. But it worked well for the first title of what I’m calling the Yeah, Whatever series. 😉 The idea sprang from a Desiring God article my husband forwarded to me called Whatever is Lovely: How to Overcome Pressing Distractions by Jon Bloom (Desiring God article). Guess he thought I was getting…

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2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Words by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Life-Changing Words

It was our housewarming gift my parents drove 2,000 miles to hand deliver: a painting of the sea at sunset by Seward Whitfield. Over seven square feet of stunning. I soaked it in with delight. A shadowbox with real oyster shells and a glass marble pearl – two actually. The artist had forgotten he’d already tucked one inside. The three…

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Focus on Beauty by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Focus on Beauty – Snippets to Make You Smile

I was encouraged by a Facebook post I saw today. Author Susie Finkbeiner, a woman I respect and admire, acknowledged the winter gloominess but asked what is hopeful in our lives? “Just some little sparks of hope, joy, and love that are making you smile” to brighten the day? I loved this idea! Apparently I wasn’t alone. Dozens of beautiful…

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