Tea Party Tidbits 9 - Got Hope by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Tea Party Tidbits #9 – Got Hope?

My husband warned our kids at lunch today they were doing a terrible job listening. That this was a bad habit gone worse. That if they didn’t correct themselves ASAP and demonstrate they understood what they were supposed to be doing – namely, obeying the first time – that Daddy would be enforcing the good choices they weren’t making. I…

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You Are Loved (Father's Day Weekend)

You Are Loved (Father’s Day Weekend)

I rummaged in the linen closet for a washcloth. Eye sleepies, dried drool, residual toothpaste…my five-year-old daughter was adorable, just needed a little unmasking. As I wiped her face, my daughter kept trying to peer into the mirror, delaying progress. She seemed to be admiring herself. After a few times, I said patiently, “Look at me, not the mirror. The…

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