Calling All Quitters! Today’s Your Day!

Calling All Quitters! Today’s Your Day! This was the subject heading of an email I received. I did a double take before realizing I misread it. (Must’ve needed another cup of coffee that morning.) It actually said “calling all QUILTERS” and was advertising a sale at a well-known fabric store. That one letter L makes Read More

How to Deal with Paralyzing Fears

Fear ensures I am a constant work in progress. I’d rather be a looker upper than a fixer upper, but I’m afraid I’m both. (Like how I used “afraid” there? You can groan now.) I haven’t trusted God perfectly, but thankfully, that qualifies me to be a recipient of perfect grace. I’m so grateful Jesus Read More

For the Days I Forget

There are plenty of things I’m not. It does me a world of good to remember what I am. Who I am. Whose I am. It’s been a week of remembering, forgetting, and remembering again. I wish I knew who to thank for the compiled scriptures. I’ve had this awhile and recently stumbled across it. I Read More