Tea Party Tidbits #7 – Feeling Fearful?

This should’ve been obvious, I suppose, but it dawned on me this week in conversation with friends why fear is a sin: it twists my perspective onto me – my abilities to handle a situation, my ability to make things turn out right, my power to change things. And plenty of situations stretch beyond my Read More

Tea Party Tidbits #6 – I’d Rather Laugh

Dear Friend, I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out how to inject levity to the topic of troubled times. Except troubled times is not a humorous topic. It’s more of a just-shoot-me-now-and-do-it-quick type thing. I’ve deleted plenty of blog posts that, in essence, say just take it to Jesus, sister, and leave yer troubles Read More

Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?

Dear Friend, Who doesn’t need stability when health declines, loved ones die, or you just forget your razor on a camping trip? Right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a life-threatening issue for me to realize I have issues. I forgot my razor on a four-day camping trip with friends over the fourth of July Read More

Tea Party Tidbits #3 – Craving Freedom?

Dear Friend, Happy (slightly early) Fourth of July! After deleting numerous attempts to convey an “appropriate” amount of gratitude for those who have served our country, those currently serving, and especially the One who purchased ultimate freedom for us – I wave the white flag of surrender. There isn’t anything I can say that would Read More

Tea Party Tidbits #2 – Feeling Unloved?

Dear Friend, You did everything you were supposed to and it still didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. Maybe not even close. Maybe abysmally far from what you’d prayed for. And then – test time – do you still believe God loves you? Of course I do. How preposterous to ask such a stupid question! Read More

Tea Party Tidbits #1 – Feeling Weary?

Dear Friend, Welcome to the summer series Tea Party Tidbits. A small morsel for the soul – a verse or a quote – in a fun graphic. (Is it making you hungry, too? Chocolate-covered strawberries and tea, anyone?) Seriously, I wish we could sit down and enjoy the real thing together. I read a fabulous Read More

Alert: Change Ahead!

Dear Friend, I was at a party last summer with some of my husband’s co-workers – fellow engineers – discussing gardening with two of them. (Maybe I was doing more listening than talking.) My ears perked when I heard one bemoan, “The edible plants require SO much more water than the others!” The conversation continued Read More