The Best Plan

I enjoy weeding. Our yard may not always reflect this, but there is something rewarding about observing change the instant I affect it. I’ve noticed something that disturbs me though. Since I don’t have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to planting, I revert to weeding. This wouldn’t be a problem except the Read More

The Cookies & Canvas Approach to Comparison

I don’t actually drink wine, but I participated in a Wine and Canvas event last year at 12 Corners Winery. (The owners are amazing, and their sparkling juice is phenomenal!) This fun and relaxing art entertainment event took place in the winery’s banquet room overlooking pristine vineyards. We brought nothing. We set up nothing. We Read More

We Never Lose; We Win or We Learn

Life is a lot like playing Angry Birds. We’re supposed to be actively involved in our advancing through life’s levels as we’re told to, “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” (Philippians 2:12) And I believe God wants us to take risks and be fearless ,even in the face of mistakes. I Read More

Staying on Track

Mornings at our household may or may not resemble a circus getting kids ready for school. We prep the night before, but papers teleport, shoes shrink, or clothes disappear. Someone forgets to brush their teeth or hair – or both. Murphy’s Law requires all of these things to happen on the mornings we’re most pressed Read More

Soap & Popsicles

Armed with a camera, in finally gorgeous weather, I hunt beauty in our barely waking yard. Something… Anything…? I spy three dandelions and drop to my belly in the grass, possibly looking like a fool. My five-year-old daughter wants to pick them. “After I’m done taking this shot.” The shot’s a flop. But the perfect Read More

When We Need Real Change – Lift Me Up

I was in the dingy basement, bent over the dryer, wrestling with a mess of clean clothes. My mood matched the ineffectiveness of the lone light bulb ill-positioned on the wrong side of the heating duct.¬† Laundry, like “This is the song that never ends,” is just annoying and pointless. Condemning prisoners of war to Read More

When We Fail – Live in Onward

When we get stuck. When we fall and fail. When we slip and our sword slices the person we love, instead of the true enemy. We need to know to our core that our identity is neither in our victories nor our failures. Rather, it is enmeshed in the person of Jesus Christ and His Read More

An Invitation to Run in the Wake of Victory

Chains of fear have restrained me from really living more often than I care to recount. Which explains the level of relief and gratitude I experienced after reading a profound explanation of the cliché story, found in 1 Samuel 17, of David and Goliath. You know: Goliath, the 9-foot tall giant, insults the God of Read More