Permission to Be, Not Pressure to Perform

13 thoughts on “Permission to Be, Not Pressure to Perform”

  1. I love your garden analogy. Plants are just being plants.

    It’s been said before…we’re human be-ings, not do-ings. Yet we get caught up in do, do, do-ing.

    I’ve been so overwhelmed lately, trying to do far too many writing projects, stealing from sleep hours, pushing for results. Sometimes we need to just write for the sake of writing, without thought of outcome. Just be a writer, right?

    1. Diane, I feel your pain. Always the tension between doing and being… I’ve never heard anyone say they’re a “hard rester,” but perhaps our best work results from a well-rested body, mind, and spirit?

  2. What a gift this post was to me! I SO needed to read this message today-thank you :).

    I came home from church (later than normal) and I have a long to-do list with some deadlines that are on my heels and a body that is not cooperating. So many things I want to do and I don’t want to hurt people’s feeling but everything I have touched this afternoon was not working out. I sat down and burst into tears. Why? I don’t know–exhaustion probably. I decided I would check out a few blogs of my fellow guild members and then take a nap. So glad I read this before logging off 🙂

    1. Hi Riley! Your presence is a gift to me! Major dislike for the frustration and exhaustion you’ve had to deal with. Praying that God will give you what you need when you need it, including rest, and that you’ll have peace, energy, and strength for doing only the things that God requires, no more. Hugs, friend!

  3. Beautifully written and a message that is desperately needed in our hurry-up world. Our society idolizes busyness but our souls yearn for rest. Thank you, Pearl!

  4. PS — I was just thinking it would be so cool to actually sit down with you and chat. I don’t know how this’ll work, but if you can, I’d love to invite you over to my mansion to spend a week talking sometime over coffee in heaven. Maybe by then I’ll have acquired the taste for the stuff! 😀

  5. Pearl, this post was like water to a thirsty soul who’s filling in for 5th-6th grade girls Sunday School tomorrow! Yes, God is always faithful when we abide in Him! Why, then, is it so hard to just rest? We can be so thick sometimes — at least, I can! 🙂

    I love what you said about the garden. Yes! Why didn’t I think of that? No wonder I’ve become a gardening fanatic! The closer I draw to Him, the more I crave rich chocolatey dirt to play in. Are you that way?

    Thanks for sharing this post! Please keep writing; God is using you! 😀

    God bless!

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! May God give you just what you need for those 5th-6th grade girls tomorrow. Resting isn’t always my first response either, but there’s something about being in a garden… I’m a recovering black-thumb, but we have a small herb/vegetable garden that I absolutely love! It helps me focus on life. The Life. Thanking God we are in each other’s lives! Yes, for sure long chats over tea or coffee in heaven, if not sooner! 🙂

  6. My goodness girl. I so love your heart. God’s spirit is undeniable in your words. So timely and significant. You are a blessing to me and to all who recieve His word through you. I don’t say this to add pressure. Just encouragement to keep listening. You’re clearly listening.

    You’re like wow you know… He’s Wow-er but there you go; all is as it should be… Thanks so much for sharing.

    Rest easy my friend. You’re in my prayers tonight…

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