Part 2: A Letter to My Younger Self

10 thoughts on “Part 2: A Letter to My Younger Self”

  1. Every youngster needs to read this and every adult needs to read it too! What an uplifting and healing letter to read and to remind even our adult selves that God’s grace covers all and we are made in HIS image. Love Love Love this!!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Wow! This is God’s heart. Your best post yet. I think every teen girl should read this as well as all the not quite teens anymore. 🙂 Worthy of printing so all at my church can read it. Amen and thank you, Pearl. God bless.

    “…while trying to improve yourself, don’t feel you have to prove yourself. Jesus proved Himself for you, so you’re all set.

    “His last words can be your first: It is finished. Striving to be loved – because you already are. Striving for unattainable perfection – because He’s already made you perfect in His sight. Striving to make up for what you’ve damaged – because His forgiveness covers everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.”

    1. Rachael, sister, I think I need kleenex. You are SUCH an encouragement to me. We walk this thing together, don’t we? May we hold our ground together and keep looking up. And thank you again for the idea to include the link to the MercyMe song!

  3. That is a letter to my older self. If it wasn’t for the “hers” and “she’s”, I kept forgetting it was a letter to your younger self. Thanks for the edification.

  4. Oh, Pearl! What wisdom and good advice you share in this piece.

    We have trouble believing God’s promises because they seem too good to be true. If anyone else made those promises, they wouldn’t be true. But God, who does not lie, always comes through, fulfills, satisfies, and finishes what He starts.

    Blessings to you and your family today! I am praying for you.

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