The Messy Process of Surrendering – How Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

pearl allard - control girl story - shannon popkin

Shannon Popkin, speaker and author of the newly released Control Girl, said something to me today I hope I never forget: “Isn’t it good to know we are invited to be part of miracles, not expected to conduct them?”

I first met Shannon when she spoke at my church about a year and a half ago. Her message resonated so strongly, I put her three points to song driving home. (1. Don’t be afraid. 2. God is for you. 3. Nothing is impossible with Him.) Through her blog (, Shannon later invited me, as a newbie writer, to attend the Breathe Christian Writers Conference. She’s become a mentor and continual source of encouragement. It was an honor participating on the launch team for Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible.

Today I have the privilege of guest blogging on Shannon’s website about how the ordinary moments of life become meaningful when surrendered to God.

“Waging war by choosing God’s way over my own in myriad small, everyday ways has a massive, cumulative effect.”

Join me by clicking the link below:

pearl allard - control girl story - shannon popkin

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