How Maple Syrup Transformed My View of Turning 40

9 thoughts on “How Maple Syrup Transformed My View of Turning 40”

    1. Melissa, I had to chuckle. My husband and I are only three years apart so his being MUCH older than me is obviously tongue in cheek. But hey, we were nice – none of this awful over the hill stuff. 😉

  1. Ah Pearl! I’ve turned 40 already. I look at 40 as I finally made it to the top of the hill! I could finally see where I’d been and a much better view of where I was going. It’s a beautiful view, by the way!

    I like your maple syrup analogy. Personally I don’t care for syrup, but I do enjoy red wine. I hear wine is better with age too! 🙂

    Such good insights and I love the way life teaches us all along the way!

    1. Actually, I should confess, I’ve turned 50 too! I love birthdays! Yes, I do usually say I’m 25, but that’s just because that’s how I feel inside. Trust me when I say, the number of years you are is not what matters as much as how you’re living those years while you age.
      Enjoy where you are, but do not fear the big 4-0 or 5-0! Live life. Enjoy life no matter what age! It’s worth living!

  2. “Why not embrace a maple syrup mindset of aging that says turning forty is just the beginning of sweetening life for those around us with our “gallon” of refined heavenly deliciousness”

    I’m closer to the age of 50 and I totally agree! I lost my mother this week and I see many examples of what you describe where the wiser women have shared their hearts and experiences; the refinement they have experienced is more advanced than where I’m at which has allowed them to bless me in ways perhaps others could not. I have seen ways in which my own ‘refining process’ has helped me offer varying perspectives to my sister who is 10 years younger.

    1. Riley!! My heart goes out to you!!! May God sustain you in this period of grief and loss and give you strength to feel what you need to feel (without others dictating what that is or isn’t). You sweeten my life — and no doubt many others, and I’m grateful there have been older women to pour into you, as well. May God continue to bring those into your life at just the right time with the right provisions, words of encouragement, and anything else needed on your journey as you go through this tumultuous time. Hurting for you. May God uphold you tenderly, sweet friend, and bind your heart wounds.

  3. Neat thoughts! I’m not rushing these last sweet years of thirty, though! It’s still very hard for my to think that in four years, I’ll be there. So I’m plugging my ears and saying “LALALALA” to that part, but to the rest, Amen! 😀

    1. Rebekah, I’m not rushing either! The thought was on the brain, though, as I realized my hubbie will turn 40 later this year. I like to tell him I married a MUCH older man. 😉

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