It’s Ok to Be a Work in Progress (Mother’s Day Weekend)

8 thoughts on “It’s Ok to Be a Work in Progress (Mother’s Day Weekend)”

  1. “But then it was as if God said, “If I wanted this process finished already, it would be. If I can give you a song in ten minutes, then cleaning this basement just as fast is just as possible. But that’s not my plan. Your job in all this is to cooperate with me. I’m more concerned about the state of your heart than I am the state of your basement.”

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s so true. Things I stress over, in God’s perfect time, become taken care of with no sweat involved. Thank You Jesus!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this uplifting story. I appreciate not only your honesty but the hope you share in the One Who cleans up all our messies.

  3. Such good thoughts and encouragement this Mother’s Day weekend. Just what I needed. Mother’s Days are harder than I imagined they would be … it’s like the annual reminder of the imperfect mom I am … but it gets better every year. You are right … it’s ok to be imperfect and accept my imperfection and exchange it for God’s grace.

  4. It’s not your imagination, Pearl. The paper mess is the worst! And it doesn’t help that I am a list maker. 😉
    “It was time to let the pressures of my life refine, not define me.”
    “…may our depravity be the gravity that keeps us rooted to the foot of the cross.” -Pearl Allard
    Wow! And amen!
    Thank you:)
    You are precious in His sight.

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