Inviting Myself To Get It Wrong

4 thoughts on “Inviting Myself To Get It Wrong”

  1. “When you’re desperate, you’ll get it – that’s what a Sunday school teacher once said, referring to grace.” Wow, that’s quite a line 🙂 Welcome to Five Minute Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve participated, but it’s a great community, and a wonderful exercise in both writing and in courage–posting something without much editing. Great work!

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Emily! I keep meeting more and more writers from FMF. 😊 But you have your book releasing soon!!! I imagine you’re kept busy with its launch.

  2. Exactly the inspirational take that I needed today. So often, I need grace. Recently read an article that reinforces your message. It stated that “grit” is what makes for success, not constant success, but seeing the task through rather than giving up. I often need to reminder to look up to God. Enjoy the out of town wedding!

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