How to Have a Hope-Filled Struggle When It’s Crunch Time

11 thoughts on “How to Have a Hope-Filled Struggle When It’s Crunch Time”

  1. Funny, I had a similar experience this week. We went on a camping/hunting trip with my family last minute. I had a plethora of excuses why I couldn’t go. My husband wouldn’t be able to attend because of work (I hate traveling long distances alone with the kids). Then there was the art lesson I had to plan for the following week, and homeschool time that we’d be missing out on.

    The matter came up in prayer often.

    Then, the week before, my kids suddenly found themselves inspired to work ahead on their subjects. The day I had to leave, my husband announced he could come. We had a good time camping, but then I realized we’d still be pressed to get our affairs in order and plan for co-op. Then all my kids came home sick from the trip. Minor head colds. I called to tell the others we’d be missing co-op. They said, that’s fine because they had no plans for the following week and needed something to do, so they devoted the entire co-op to my art lesson. A lesson, I might add, I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough time for, because of it’s length and the short time slot allotted for it.

    God’s timing is perfect.

    1. Melissa! What an amazing story! I love hearing how God works quiet, daily miracles in our lives! There is something so powerful about sharing those stories. You blessed me, sweet friend — thank you!

  2. Pearl, words of wisdom for sure! I also need a deadline in order to finish work. If I don’t have one, I tend to lollygag all over the place. (mainly on Pinterest)

    God is faithful – over and over and over again forever! What comfort šŸ™‚

  3. What an encouraging post! I’m so glad to finally find and subscribe to your wonderful writing! If it’s all like this, woohoo! Praise God for a new friend!! šŸ™‚

  4. I’m overwhelmed with work I need to do, and am I doing it? No! I’m resisting. I’m an expert at resisting. I’m poking around on the internet instead of getting my head around the projects piling up. I feel the pressure of time, and part of me is rebelling. Ack!

    So, your post is timely. Thanks for pointing me to it (via my blog).

    Love your site! Spare, lots of white space, nice font. Well done!

  5. A beautiful and faith-building account of a true-life experience. I have endured similar situations. The harder I tried to accomplish the thing, the more I stagnated. God eventually led me to a place of completion, as He did you.

    Your young Bible class students are blessed to have you as their teacher.

    Thank you for encouraging me today!

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