Hope for the Directionally Challenged – Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Hope for the Directionally Challenged – Happy New Year!”

  1. I commented on the Breathe site, but couldn’t pass without stopping here too! Loved the post! And as I said there, timely as always. I’m struggling to sit down and write/plan out my goals to share with our writers group. So I’ll try to breathe, and take it one step at a time. Thanks again!

    1. Melissa, could I just hug you?? You’re such an encourager. Thank you for your comments, your heart, and your perseverance. I’m so rooting for you! Today I listened to Jerry Jenkins interview Andy Andrews. Andy Andrews (who is HILARIOUS by the way) said that The Traveler’s Gift was turned down 51 times before it was finally published (and hit national bestseller status). That was inspiring. One of my goals is going to be to listen to more of those Master Classes! Keep breathing and keep looking up, sweet sister.

  2. Pearl, you’re right on here. Dreaming big is fun, but it’s one step at a time that takes us toward those dreams. I love that “continue is a valid direction.” Keeping up those baby steps with you!

    1. Charity, I love that we’re journeying together! Even though writing is largely solitary, my perseverance has been sustained by the friendships and accountability within our writing group. Thank you SO MUCH for being part of that!!

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