Hidden Treasure in the Crazy-Busy & Silencing My Inner Critic

8 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure in the Crazy-Busy & Silencing My Inner Critic”

  1. “Light bulb moment! Another hidden treasure unearthed: I can exchange lies about my identity for truths about my personal growth opportunities.” Love this! What a helpful insight for me.

    I relate to not multi-tasking very well. I used to handle it much better but as I’m getting older it gets harder. I’m also an introvert and need a lot of quiet time to refuel and regroup.

  2. Like you, I’m an introvert who can’t handle too much stimulation. I’ve been juggling so much work this past week that my brain literally went blank. I was trying to read a book and couldn’t take in the words. It reminds me of that cartoon: “Teacher, may I be excused? My brain is full.”

    Your post gave me some peace. Thanks!

  3. This is beautiful Pearl. Such an awesome message to take to heart between our self flagellations. We are loved. It is finished. We HAVE grown. Thanks for this.

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