God Only Gives – Tsunami of God’s Love

I swept crumbs from under the dinner table deep in thought. Three separate sources of words – a book, a phone conversation, and a question – collided, and I puzzled through the fragmented thoughts.

Maybe Christ doesn’t want codependence so much as He wants co-laborers? But I don’t even know what that means.

I’m all in, God! Even if it’s painful, I’m all in. Not like I want the pain. (Right? Who does.) But what other real option is there? To whom else can we turn? But what does that really mean that I’m all in?
Perhaps to be all in really means that He is all in me. That I am completely open to Him. To leave the hands open, as Ann Voskamp would say in The Broken Way.

It’s a hard thing to trust and leave oneself open.

My mama tried that – and watched… (to continue reading, please click the image below to join me over at Emily Conrad’s site)

God Only Gives guest post Pearl Allard - Emily Conrad Author

I am honored to be featured as a guest blogger on Emily Conrad’s website. Before I knew anything about Emily, I stumbled onto one of her short stories online a little over a year ago. The story was about Christmas and touched me so much I subscribed to her blog. Through emails and comments, it’s been a pleasure getting to know this Wisconsin author. If you like Christian romance, Emily’s debut novel, Justice, releases March 9, 2018 from Pelican Book Group.

4 thoughts on “God Only Gives – Tsunami of God’s Love

  1. Pearl, I’ve read and reread this. There is so much there. Grief leads me to look deeper and harder than I normally look. I don’t always find the answers I’m wanting, but God often reveals something new, a bit of understanding, or a renewed trust. Blessings on you and your parents.

  2. So happy to have you on the blog today, Pearl, and with such a powerful post! Thanks for the mention of Justice– you know the way to a writer’s heart 😉 I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you through your writing, too!

    1. Thank you, Emily. I’m very much looking forward to reading your debut novel! In fact, I read a Christian romance recently to get myself in the mood for your book! I didn’t realize it was going to be so long until the print copy comes out in September… I’m old-fashioned and like to hold it in my hands so I might wait, but for those reading this that love Nook books (for $4.49 at the date of this comment) – head over to Barnes and Noble and snap up a pre-order here: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/justice-emily-conrad/1127841580;jsessionid=A34FAE669509CA67850D1A53DFAD6465.prodny_store02-atgap06?ean=9781522300465

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