When You Want to Give Up

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends by Pearl Allard - Breathe Conference - Look Up Sometimes

Dear Friend,

Wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, may the nearness of God’s presence and His immense love for you soak deep. If you’re on the brink of giving up on something (or someone), may He bring comfort and clarity and infuse you with the strength to persist past your own limitations.

Join me today on the Breathe Conference blog as I share in a guest post about a time recently I was ready to throw in the towel on writing and what kept me going when my arsenal was empty. Is that you right now? Maybe it’s not writing but something or someone near and dear to you? How can I pray for you? It would be my honor.

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends by Pearl Allard

4 thoughts on “When You Want to Give Up

  1. Reading your title brought me to tears. I don’t know how to be my best self. I want so much to be who God made me to be, but who is that?

    1. Oh Kim, my heart goes out to you! I’ve felt that way so often. Each of our lives are going to look different, but following Jesus transforms us into the best version of ourselves. This verse has brought me comfort over and over: “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:6 He’s obviously already started good work in your heart, Kim. May you rest in His promise to you and His love for you as you follow Him. Hugs!

      1. Thank you for the verse Pearl. Confidence in His promises and myself to follow Him regardless of the persecutions I experience is what I need.

        1. You are such a blessing to me, Kim. Your heart’s purity for Jesus shines bright. You go girl! May He comfort you and sustain you to endure the oppression you’re in. May He speak tenderly to your heart drowning out all the other voices of doubt and accusation. May He give you a deep-rooted assurance of His never-ending love for you. Whatever is needed, may He provide it at just the right time. Hugs!

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