Expect Attacks, but Also Expect Victories!

10 thoughts on “Expect Attacks, but Also Expect Victories!”

  1. “What army ever survived when its soldiers killed each other off?”

    So true! We need each other, we are a ‘team’ in this world. Thanks for the encouraging and inspiring post!

    1. Thanks Riley! Standing with you, friend! May you sip and savor or gulp and guzzle God’s grace today, whichever is needed. (Or maybe all of the above!)

  2. I love how you brought out the importance of fighting alongside our brothers and sisters. The necessity of holding dear our local bodies of believers cannot be overemphasized.

    In answer to your offer, will you please pray for me that I will know and do God’s will? I so appreciate your friendship. writing buddy! God bless! 😀

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