Encouragement for the Encourager

Do you find this to be true of you? A loved one comes to you in distress and you immediately try to discern the cause and what you might do to relieve their pain. Encouragement rolls from your lips along with a prayer for restored joy and peace for this person you love dearly. But when you find yourself in a similar situation, everything encouraging you’ve ever said to anyone vacates the premises faster than you can blink and you feel like you’re left grasping for a lifeline? Great, I’m not alone then.

They say that you remember most that which you contribute to any given conversation. (Not the stuff the other person says. Hmm, go figure.) If that’s true, could it be possible that God sets us up to encourage others in the way we need to be encouraged ourselves?

I had the privilege of contributing a guest post to my friend Kira Biastock’s blog, All Unrivaled. In it, I share an incident that occurred where I was given words to encourage. But I think in the end, God encouraged ME with those same words just as much, if not more! In case they encourage you too, click here to read it for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Encouragement for the Encourager

  1. Pearl, yep! Words hurt. I love how you encouraged and validated. What a great reminder that when we are not at our best, the Enemy likes to attack. Be alert, right?
    Thanks for the encouragement today.

  2. Pearl, I went to the other site and read your beautiful article about your daughter, the squabble, the wonderful counsel you provided, and the carrot sticks.

    I am so thankful to have you as an online friend!

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