Empowered – When Someone Loves You Enough to Remove All Your Excuses

13 thoughts on “Empowered – When Someone Loves You Enough to Remove All Your Excuses”

  1. Pearl, I love this piece and your friend’s comment.

    I am reading Sheila Walsh’s book about living in the middle of the mess. (I think that is the actual book title but I’m not positive, and I’m not going to take the time right now to go look.) Sheila emphasizes the difference between conviction and condemnation.

    We sometimes get it into our heads that we haven’t truly been convicted of our sin until we practice “adequate” self-condemnation–lasting sometimes for years! How insulting that must be to our God who freely gave grace so we could freely receive it.

    Thanks for your continual reminders to Look Up!

    1. Debbie – thank you, sweet friend. Would you recommend the Sheila Walsh book? I read a snippet about that book, and it looked interesting. I’m so grateful God doesn’t ask us to beat ourselves up, either!

  2. I love your writings as always. I especially like the comment from Cheri. How true!
    The sunflower on the ground spoke to me that even those who are cast down still have their face turned to God. Looking to Him. Thank you for sharing dear Pearl.

  3. I am a thief. I stole this photo. I am just so struck by it. Sunflowers follow the sun. The flower practically laying on the ground speaks to my heart…. Was it knocked down? If so, its still looking for the sun. Or, was it having difficulty finding the sun in the crowd so it took a lower, less glamorous path, reaching where no others did so that it could find more sun?

    How would my life be different if I lived with such purpose? Get out of the crowd so that I can focus on the Son? Even if I am the only one. Or, when life knocks me down, am I looking to the Son?

    Thank you, Pearl, for the simple sermon in this photograph.

    1. The story of this sunflower was that it was knocked down. It just wasn’t as strong as the others, I guess. Maybe that’s why I was so taken with it – I root for the underdog (and I consider myself one). I didn’t know if it would make it or not. But you can see how it ended up. 🙂 I’m so glad someone saw what I did and valued it, also. You made my day, Lerita. Steal away! 😉

  4. oh… I really like this line: grace is not an optional warm fuzzy – it’s the only force powerful enough to conquer condemnation.

    That statement makes me glad I stopped in. 🙂

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