Day 4 – It’s Ok to Be Empty

8 thoughts on “Day 4 – It’s Ok to Be Empty”

  1. Beautifully written Pearl. I love the current prospective you put on the stories. It helps me see and understand God’s methods and reasoning so much better. I wish I had thought to start reading your blog when we were first introduced.

    1. Kim, your words are like a hug to my heart! This is my favorite day from the whole series. (And was one of the most difficult to write.) I keep returning to this truth on days I have nothing. So grateful God never considers our nothing a challenge!

  2. I SO very much needed to read this; thank you! I have felt completely drained and empty for 2 or 3 months. I have no idea what God has in store—I just know that I am exhausted and depleted.

    1. Oh Riley, my heart goes out to you. Such a hard place to be. Praying that God will help you through the empty until He sees fit to fill. If it’s any comfort, it seems like the harder the empty, the greater the filling. Until then, know you are not alone. Hugs!

  3. Pearl,

    These daily postings are delightful! Thank you for sharing your fresh perspectives on old stories!

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