Day 3 – A Few More than 27

10 thoughts on “Day 3 – A Few More than 27”

  1. Such a perfect illustration! Here in Wyoming on the plains, you can see the stars…and they are too numerous to count. On a cold, crisp night (especially in winter time) you can see the Milky Way. It’s just a mist of stars! There’s no way you can take in that vision and not see the hand of God.
    What a perfect thought to envision Abraham, seeing those stars and hearing a promise spoken audibly from the one who spoke them into existence.

  2. Portland is my heart’s home but my body lives in Arizona, just outside of Phoenix (talk about light pollution!). I have seen stars, but it wasn’t until a camping trip in the middle of nowhere on the California beach. I have rarely felt such awe. I felt as if I were looking through a powerful telescope. It was breathtaking. There have been a few spiritually breathtaking experiences in my life and somehow those evoke such vivid images and feelings, even more than the memory of those stars in that night sky. Our Father truly is awesome.

    1. Carmen, so great to hear from another Portlander! I loved hearing your awe story. Those are sacred times. Thank you so much for sharing such a cherished experience. Looking up with you!

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