Day 25 – Take Grace

4 thoughts on “Day 25 – Take Grace”

  1. Loved the analogy, Pearl! It’s true, you can’t truly serve others if you’re running on empty. It’s something I struggle with. I’ve felt that I do a terrible job serving others. But this post, and other things God has brought to my attention have reminded me that I’ve been running on empty for a long time. I’ve forgotten how to fill up.

    Thanks for the reminder. Glad you enjoyed your bath! 😉

    1. Melissa, I feel your struggle. It’s hard learning how to love, learning to recognize when being selfless and going without is necessary for love and when it isn’t — and still accomplish love. I recently ran across a book I’d like to read about this topic called You Matter More than You Think by Dr. Leslie Parrott. May He fill you today to overflowing. Hugs!

    1. The blessing definitely goes both ways, Miss Kathy! Nobody should break the bank, but a quality product to share and enjoy is a treat. Praying for you and hoping you’re feeling better. One of the kids said you were under the weather. 🙁

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