Day 12 – Goat Sex

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Goat Sex”

  1. “God still sees and cares today when we are mistreated. He can take what scrawny lot we’ve been dealt in life and bless our socks off anyway.” Love this!

    Reading your post reminded me–when I was in college (I went to a Christian college) one of the professors who taught Joshua through 2 Samuel had our class right after lunch. It was back in the day when some of the girls hated taking a class when their favorite soap opera was on but the professor reminded them that if they loved the soaps then they’d love his class because it contained all the drama and even more than what was on tv 🙂

    1. Riley, that is hilarious! And true. Thanks for sharing that story! And thanks for taking the trouble to get around broken links to comment! I didn’t realize the link in the email didn’t work after I changed the title. I’m learning as I go! Thank you for your patience!

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