Happy Easter & 22 MORE Favorite Quotes to Celebrate 2 Years at Look Up Sometimes by Pearl Allard

22 MORE Favorite Quotes to Celebrate 2 Years at Look Up Sometimes!

Easter is a Year-Round Celebration Hello sweet friend. If you ever visit my home, there are three simple stick crosses gracing our mantel. You’ll see them purposely mixed with every holiday and seasonal décor throughout the year, because they are my reminder that life centers around what Jesus accomplished for me and what Jesus will accomplish through me as I…

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22 Favorite Quotes to Celebrate 2 Years at Look Up Sometimes!

2-Year Anniversary Dearest friend, thank you for being a treasured friend and part of the Look Up Sometimes community. My prayer is you continually find a grace-filled breathing space here. This week marks the two year anniversary of Look Up Sometimes! Yay! The Mission Behind Look Up Sometimes I started this blog with the mission to nurture those who didn’t…

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Liebster Award - Look Up Sometimes (Pearl Allard)

The Liebster Award

So this post is a little different than the usual… It’s a celebration of being awarded The Liebster Award! Liebster is a German word for “dearest”, and the award started about five years ago, by bloggers for bloggers as a way to spotlight smaller, new-ish blogs. Thank you, Carol Graft of https://carolgraftblog.wordpress.com for nominating me! I met Carol at the…

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2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Words by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Life-Changing Words

It was our housewarming gift my parents drove 2,000 miles to hand deliver: a painting of the sea at sunset by Seward Whitfield. Over seven square feet of stunning. I soaked it in with delight. A shadowbox with real oyster shells and a glass marble pearl – two actually. The artist had forgotten he’d already tucked one inside. The three…

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Inviting Myself to Get It Wrong by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Inviting Myself To Get It Wrong

Today I’m trying something new. I’m participating in Five Minute Friday, a writing community that freewrites for five minutes on a prompt. No editing. (I mostly followed the rules.) Today’s prompt: Invite. Today I’m inviting myself to be wrong. To be messy. To accept grace. To try and fail and learn and get back up again. Today we’re going out…

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Can You Hear Me Now? by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Can You Hear Me Now?

Mornings at our household may or may not resemble a circus getting kids ready for school. (Parents of more than two children – my hat goes off to you.) We prep the night before, but papers teleport, shoes shrink, or clothes disappear. Someone forgets to brush their teeth or hair – or both. Murphy’s Law requires all of these things…

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Butterfly-Sitting & Breakthrough Singing by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes) - the old has gone, the new has come

Butterfly-Sitting & Breakthrough Singing

I had the privilege to butterfly-sit for a friend last week. She was leaving for vacation and afraid the two chrysalises would hatch before she returned. She showed up on my doorstep and delivered two tiny butterfly boxes. All I had to do was hang them by the window, watch the miracle unfold, and release them. The two opaque, mint-colored…

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