Day 30 – Love Jesus & Get Stoned

I woke up with a sense of dread carried over from the previous day. It hung over me like Eeyore’s rain cloud. As I lay in bed, not wanting to get up, all I could think was I’m stuck. Stuck in fear. Staying in bed was a dead end. I had to have enough faith to walk out the bedroom door and live this day. Wasn’t that the lesson God taught me…

Day 29 – The Best is Yet to Come

“Look!” The kids giggled again. There, nestled between a mini Hershey bar and a tiny box of Dots was the plastic baby Jesus. And I thought, they’ve got it right: Jesus is the sweetest present yet to come. The kids’ irresistible urge to know what comes next and see the sweetness of things ahead…

Day 27 – The Solid Rock Invites a Stone Toss

The pastor bent down, straightened, and emerged behind the pulpit holding a two-by-four that extended about six feet in front of him! He held it to his eye while he quoted Matthew 7:5. Startled laughter, including my own, rippled through the pews. I relaxed slightly, despite myself. But when I heard him pause, I felt sick. Here it comes…

Update, Feedback & Election

Pearl Allard

Pearl Allard

Midwest writer. Beauty seeker. Wife. Mama. Offering encouragement from the perspective of a sunflower - bask in the Sonshine and grow towards the Light.
Pearl Allard

Hello dear friends! I wanted to take a moment to update you on the Look Up for 31 Days series. First, I’m sorry if I left you hanging! The series obviously did not get completed in October, like I’d hoped. However, I don’t consider it a failure at all! The material has made me more Read More