When You Need to Know You are Crazy-Loved by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

When You Need to Know You are Crazy-Loved

I had just settled on the couch, grateful to have crossed the day’s finish line with two kids intact and in bed. I eagerly reached for a book I’d been longing to read, when my six-year-old padded out of her room – one bare foot and one slipper-socked foot. I bristled, wondering with the psalmist how long, O Lord? Dear…

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(in)courage guest post Halfway to Bethlehem by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Halfway to Bethlehem – Guest Post on (in)courage

I’ve waited for THREE MONTHS to share this post with you today!!! I am SO EXCITED to share my guest post on (in)courage’s website with you!!! It’s a game-changing message of hope that pulled me through the second-lowest point of my life but continues to encourage me when times are good. It started as a Christmas gift idea gone disastrously…

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ControlGirl Review - Shannon Popkin - by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

To the Woman Who Wants Sweeter Relationships

My Thoughts about the new release Control Girl by Shannon Popkin I was hooked from the start. I didn’t consider myself a control freak, particularly, but the book made sense of my anxiety and anger over ridiculous things. I first met speaker and author Shannon Popkin when she spoke at my church for Christmas 2015. Afterwards, we connected through her…

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Day 30 - Love Jesus & Get Stoned by Pearl Allard (Look Up for 31 Days series)

Day 30 – Love Jesus & Get Stoned

I woke up with a sense of dread carried over from the previous day. It hung over me like Eeyore’s rain cloud. As I lay in bed, not wanting to get up, all I could think was I’m stuck. Stuck in fear. Staying in bed was a dead end. I had to have enough faith to walk out the bedroom door and live this day. Wasn’t that the lesson God taught me…

Hope That Doesn't Give Up (Even When We Have) by Pearl Allard - Look Up Sometimes

Hope That Doesn’t Give Up (Even When We Do)

My four-year-old daughter colored several papers and attempted to staple them. Her six-year-old brother observed. “I have to push with all my weight when I use the stapler,” he said, validating her struggle. Suddenly, she stood up, chair scraping, launched her project in the trash can, and stormed to her room. “I’m right here if you want –,” <cue slamming…

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The Cookies & Canvas Approach to Comparison - Look Up Sometimes

The Cookies & Canvas Approach to Comparison

I don’t actually drink wine, but I participated in a Wine and Canvas event last year at 12 Corners Winery. (The owners are amazing, and their sparkling juice is phenomenal!) This fun and relaxing art entertainment event took place in the winery’s banquet room overlooking pristine vineyards. We brought nothing. We set up nothing. We just showed up. Every seat…

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